The Anqa Design

“What will make our bags unique?”  This is the question we asked ourselves as we were starting out. 

We worked tirelessly for months looking at design concepts and material options.   In the end we came up with the perfect design – a hexagon weave that was perfect in its profile.


We chose the hexagon shape because we discovered that it allowed us to weave by hand a piece of leather in any size we needed, and our leather waste was minimized to virtually nothing.

The resulting work is a strong and durable panel that requires no glue to hold it together.

We patented our signature hexagon weave, and the different ways of weaving it, and called it Anqa.

making of handmade handwoven leather tote bag

 A Mianqa bag is uniquely handcrafted such that no two bags are alike.  Our patented weaving design is lovingly done by hand, and each hexagonal leather piece may vary.

 It’s not a defect. It’s a stamp of incomparability. It’s unmatched.  Just like you.